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About us

JV "Uz-DongJu Paint Company" LLC was established in accordance with the agreement signed between the «DongJu Industrial Co., Ltd.» from Korean side and JS «UzAvtoSanoat» from Uzbek side, and according to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers №191 in 1995. April 3rd 1999 - official opening day of the company. 

The company shareholders are JS "UzAvtoSanoat" (Republic of Uzbekistan) - 50% and «KION INTERNATIONAL INCORPARATION» (South Korea) - 50%. The Charter Capital is 20312,33 thousand USA dollars. This joint venture was created with the purpose of suppliying automotive industry of Republic of Uzbekistan with automotive paint materials and means of surface preparation. However, along with this, the production of construction and industrial paints was also established, which are marketed under the brand name "ROYAL PAINT". 

The total production volume of JV "Uz-DongJu Paint Company" in one shift work is 3750 tones of pretreatment materials, 1250 tons of sealant, 2500 tons of automotive paints and solvents, 4000 tones of construction and industrial paints per year.  The total area of the factory is 4,84 ha, production area is 1,11 ha.

Since November, 2011 production of weatherstips was established. Production volume of this workshop is set of rubber weatherstips for 250 thousand cars. One of the leading Korean companies in this field - "YoungShin Chemicals" is the main supplier of raw materials and the technical partner. 

The number of employees at the start of the company's operation was 136 people. To date, this figure has grown to 574 people.

A quality of the product is the main dignity of out company. In this connection, a special attention is paid to the choice of raw materials suppliers. The main supplier is «KION INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATION» (South Korea). The products are produced according to Korean technology. Along with this, the availability of own laboratory, accredited in accordance with the international standard ISO 17025: 2017 and equipped with modern equipment, allows to control the quality of products at each stage of production.

The reputation of JV "Uz-DongJu Paint Co." LLC as a reliable partner is confirmed with long-term and fruitful cooperation with such leading companies of the Republic of Uzbekistan such as JS "General Motors - Uzbekistan", "SAMAVTO" LLC, JV ""MAN Auto-Uzbekistan" LLC, "UzAuto TRAILER" LLC, "Uz-Koram Co." LLC, "Eurasia TAPO-Disk" CJSC, JSC "Tashken plant for the construction and repairt of passneger cars" , JV "UROSAVIA" LLC, construction company JS "12-Tрест" and many others. 

JV "Uz-DongJu Paint Company" is a team of experts for your success; it is experience, talent and professionalism collected together for your prosperity.